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Happy Sunday Guys!

I actually had another blog written and ready to post but due to the reaction I got from my previous blog, I felt it was only appropriate to address it and write a follow-up.

If you read the original BAH HUMBUG post, then you will be well aware that it was me being quite anti-Christmas for a multitude of reasons. The tone of the blog was rather negative and unfortunately, this caused a number of my friends as well as my Mother to reach out to me to see if I was okay as what I had written had made them feel “sad”.

Firstly, I want to thank everybody who reached out to me. As cheesy as it sounds, it really did warm my little black heart to read the messages and it really highlighted to me that I have some great relationships that I truly value.

Secondly, and be warned – this bit is a little deep and preachy, it really opened my eyes to just how important it is to check in on people as nobody knows what somebody is going through. And whilst I know that is such an overused and cliche phrase - it couldn't be any truer. So many of us struggle with our mental health as well as many other things, but a lot of the time we keep them well hidden to maintain a certain exterior that the rest of the world is used to seeing.

So, if you are going to take anything away from this post then please let it be the importance of checking in on your close friends and family and remember that just because they're being quiet, it doesn't mean they have forgotten you and perhaps they just haven't got the energy to reach out and be fake happy.

But the main reason for this post is that I want to share all the positive things that I did over the Christmas period just so you don't think I am a complete miserable sod.

I am quite lucky in regards to work as over Christmas I got around 10 days off which means I have lots of time to spend with friends and family. But lots of time off can lead to boredom and boredom leads to overthinking and overthinking leads to self-analysis and self-analysis leads to depressing blog posts. So in an attempt to avoid all of those feelings and situations, I try to keep myself busy and sociable.

Christmas seems to be the only time of year when consuming excess alcohol is accepted. So I took this sentiment and ran with it because this year's Christmas was well and truly sponsored by Whitley Neil. And yes, I know I mentioned them in the last post too, but I am doing it solely based on facts and continuity and not a sponsorship deal, unfortunately.

Before coming home to the Lakes, I had a handful of nights out in Manchester and Cheshire where not getting too drunk was the aim and being absolutely shitfaced was the reality. But fuck it, it was Christmas.

I attended a Christmas Charity Ball with one of my friends Jodie and her family which was quite the experience. Throw us into a room with a bunch of posh people in fancy frocks and we will most certainly stick out like a sore thumb. It probably didn't help that I turned up in cropped trousers showing a whole lot of ankle, a shirt that highlighted what a hairy chest I have and topped off with a leather biker jacket. It was more Happy Holigays than it was Happy Holidays.

Upon my exciting return to Kendal, me and my friends have this tradition every Christmas Eve we go out for drinks at the local Wetherspoons. It's hardly an exciting tradition, but it's a tradition none the less. We have found that over the years the numbers have dwindled but oh wells, quality over quantity and all that.

Myself, Emma, Adrian and Oliver sat in Wetherspoons all night with Emma and Adrian leaving at 9pm and me and Oliver around 1am. Standard practice from all parties. Emily, who gets the worst case of FOMO I have ever witnessed, arrived back in Kendal about 11.30pm, ordered us a bottle of Prosecco to our table to say sorry for not being there, but then came to wish us a Merry Christmas about 12.15am anyway because she was feeling left out. What a babe!

Thanks to Emily coming solely due to her not being able to sit still knowing we were out having fun, we got a free lift home. And apparently in this journey home whilst Oliver was hugging Emily goodbye, I repeatedly beeped the car horn like a disruptive child. Whilst I don't remember the actual event taking place, it definitely sounds like something I would do whilst under the influence.

As you can imagine I didn't feel the greatest when I peeled my eyes open on Christmas Day morning. But by the power of a hot, buttery Crumpet and a glass of Orange Juice, I was ready for a Mimosa. I think between myself, my mum and her husband Paul, we must have got through 2 bottles of Prosecco before we had Christmas dinner which is probably why it tasted so good. Cheers Trace!

After a glorious nap, the next-door neighbours Ian and Linda came around as well as Emma and Adrian and that is when a full bottle of gin somehow found its way into my system. It was a very pleasant night filled with lots of laughs and discussions as well as a heap of sweat until I decided I could no longer continue the evening in my leather trousers.

Boxing Day was a lazy day and myself, Emily and Oliver just went around to Emma's house to sit and chat shit, eat cheese and drink Gin.

I was briefly back at work on the 27th and 28th of December but myself, Fin and Jodie went through to Boston Spa, a little village on the outskirts of Leeds, to visit Fin's family. This is the second time I have visited over the festive period so, sorry Rob and Christine, I think this is a new tradition.

We were there for two nights and the first night saw us going for a night out in Leeds. We obviously all drank far too much. I saw and then quickly hid from a guy that I had ghosted working in one of the bars. I then ended up kissing a 22-year-old. And we then ended up at some weird rave night before we got in around 6.30am.

Fab night.

The following day saw us all rather hungover. I was woken by Jodie at 12.30pm telling me about the guy I had kissed as obviously I couldn't remember. I was apparently texting him afterward and called him Joe when his name wasn't Joe. Are we all realising why I am single now?

In the afternoon we went for a walk into Boston Spa, which is such a pretty little Village, and by 3pm we were back on the Beer.

By 9pm we were stumbling home and me and Jodie thought it would be a great idea to knock on somebody's front door to inform them just how gorgeous their house was. They were in but they didn't answer. I can't say I blame them judging by the state of us.

Jodie did, however, tell them her feelings on their property when she shouted through the letterbox. She did apologise for being weird so at least one of us is self-aware when drunk. Perhaps one day I will share the video of this moment taking place.

On the 30th I decided to pay my old friend Josie a visit up in Newcastle. Me and Josie have known each other for about 13 years but we just don't get the chance to see each other much as we are always too busy. But we both made sure we set aside some time for each other and it was so lovely to reconnect and get a little drunk whilst doing so.

As a hater of New Year, I try to leave making plans to the last minute and I try not to hype them up as I find the whole thing to be rather anti-climatic.

So this year's New Years' Eve celebrations were rather low-key and consisted of a flat party/ gathering back in Manchester with drinking games and copious amounts of shots which took me back to the student halls days of University.

Then it was two more days off and then just like that – Christmas was over and I was back to work.

And to be honest, I was quite glad for it all to be over. Not because of my general feelings of Christmas, but because I just wanted to get back to normality and stop drinking and eating so much crap.

Before I go I just want to clarify to you all that I actually had quite a good Christmas. I know the last blog post didn't really give that impression but my ultimate goal in the last post was to try and make myself a little more aware of people who have it worse than me.

As you can probably tell from reading this rambling blog, I kept myself very busy this Christmas. Knowing how much I can overthink and dwell on things that I don't have, keeping busy and seeing friends is the one thing I know that will distract me from this and make me happy. We can all put ourselves into a bad place or a bad mood if we give ourselves the opportunity to do so, so I try to stay so busy that I don't give my brain chance to think about the negatives and just focus on the positives and the people that I do have around me.

So going forward into 2020, I am going to be continuing blogging and I intend on them being a lot more chirpier from here on out. I promise! I am going to be relaunching my clothing brand Mister Sister which is something I love doing but lost passion for. I am going to be continuing working on my fitness and hopefully have a body that I semi-like by summer. And I have also decided that I am going to be starting a podcast so I can offload all the shit facts I know about music.

And now that I have written them down, it means you can all give me shit when I am slacking at all of them.

Have a fabulous day and I will definitely speak to you soon.


- Jordan



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